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One evening I was walking to the mailbox down our long driveway in the blackness of rural Maine. (I have no idea why I needed to get the mail right then!) From the pitch dark woods across the road I heard a low, rumbling growl. It was bone-chilling! A wolf I thought … I’m in trouble! But I got back to the house safely told Linda my story. After some research we decided it could have been coyote which are abundant in Maine. Wolves are smart and usually avoid humans. Still emotions being stirred, Linda had to paint the Wolf. Wolves like owls invoke a mystical sense of intrigue. This painting is more about the unknown. Linda said she had some trouble painting this beauty. She wanted to reflect the healthy respect we feel for these hearty neighbors that are worthy of our admiration and protection.


*original artwork available, please contact us to arrange*


  • Please note you will be charged a separate shipping fee per each item.

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