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Behind the Art

About Linda

"a painting isn’t done until it makes me smile.” 

Linda in art studio


Originally from the mid-west, Linda spent most of her energy raising kids and all that motherhood entails. Occasional dabbling in her art.

She met her husband mid-life, and together they first settled in New York and then relocated to Maine. Read more here...


In Maine, Linda immediately became motivated as “the artist.” She and her husband often drive to the rocky coastline of the great North Atlantic... even in winter at 20ºF! The seas here are awe-inspiring!

They live in a pine forest and can barely see their neighbors... there’s lots of wildlife surrounding them. This is quite a different environment from their usual suburbia. 

Straight Bay Maine
Wire sculpture in Maine forrest


In 2017 Linda established an in-home studio where she spends a lot of her time creating art while listening to her Neil Diamond records. Her passion for painting and sculpting is evident in every piece, and it brings her such a feeling of satisfaction knowing that her artwork has touched someone else’s life.


The artwork of Linda Whelan has been featured in establishments including a local restaurant where the proprietor has stated how much she loves the "happy environment" that the paintings foster and shared how patrons sit and talk about the art while enjoying their meals (sometimes even longer). Linda paints large acrylic paintings, usually on a 3' x 4' canvas and offers Giclee quality reprints.

For Linda, simply sharing her art and making someone smile makes it all worthwhile.

Linda Whelan art on display
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