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R: resourceful

A: aware

V: vocal

E: empowering

N: noble


We have a huge Raven population in Maine. The Raven is an interesting bird to say the least. It can mimic the sound of other animals to its advantage. The Raven has always been seen as a magical mystical creature. Some say Ravens hold the keys to self-awareness. We can learn from this resourceful bird. The painting is meant to be slightly off putting, but still charming. He gives you a sense of being watched or watched over. Our Ravens watch over our home from the high trees and provide an early warning system for any intruder. This guy is one of my personal favorites. This particular Raven is actually an Australian breed. The long black chest feathers are really cool and actually refract sunlight into a rainbow of color!


*original artwork available, please contact us to arrange*


  • Please note you will be charged a separate shipping fee per each item.

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